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Future Hayat Group is a successful merge of experiences of AL-Fouzan Group and Hayat Group, which is a collection of 25 years of skills, combined under one business structure around the globe in various markets and business fields. January, 2002 came the birth of Future Hayat Group to add new services to solve a broadening array of customer challenges and doing so around the world.

Anywhere you find Future Hayat; you will find the Future Hayat Culture. Our associates throughout the world all share this common culture, comprised of six universal values: Spirit, Pride, Determination, Commitment, Passion and Integrity. These are much more than words. Our culture is a tangible force, one that transcends geography and language, and permeates everything we do as a group.

Future Hayat Shareholders point of view is that the Investment Sector, Real Estate Sector, Entertainment Sector and Food Industry Sector would be the perfect start for Future Hayat to conquer the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf Region Markets.
 Hayat Group Achievements

The Hayat Group has a multi investment around the globe in the Real Estate, Tourism and industrial fields. At 2001 the group established huge investments in Tunisia with fund of 150.000.000$. As they build the biggest marina shopping mall in Tunisia, apartments complexes and City of Hamamat(Tunisia).

The group invested a fund of 500.000.000$ in the Power Sector. As Hayat Group bought the biggest Power Station in Tunisia, and recently awarded Power Station of water distillation in Abu Dhabi – UAE. Hayat Group is biding for privatization of Power Plans in Jordan and many other projects in the Middle East.

The Group activities spreaded successfully to the Iraqi Markets, as it dealt in the Real Estate field of buying and selling lands and banks after April 2003. The Future Hayat is raising funds to invest in the financial industry and service sector in the Iraqi Market.

The Group has investment in food sector as well, it started in Kuwait as a family owned business that owns shares in the National Fishing Company and now it grew to the gulf too. The group is establishing a huge fishing industry company for fishing and canning Tuna Fish in the Oman Gulf.

The Future Hayat Group is involved in the Entertainment business, as it’s representing more than 40 companies in this field in Kuwait, Gulf region and Middle East (i.e. Entertainment Centers, video games, Bowling, Billiards, etc…)
 Key Business Areas