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 Kenafa 3al Bal
A home of the finest gourmet sweets, true craftsmanship and heritage that had been handed over from one generation to another. Years of using a unique recipe of Kenafa Nabulsiyah in Nablus was the begging of the oriental flavors for sweets and pastries. We guarantee you the quality and the freshness of our products that are proudly made with the finest ingredients, and with our commitment we assure you the freshest gourmet sweets available.

Kenafa 3al Bal presents a whole new revolution of the Kenafa and oriental sweets. This concept will feature the best kenafa and Arabic sweets in Kuwait and it will also present the best oriental sweets that are freshly made with a constant passion to keep the traditional features of each dish to enjoy the soft and delicious taste.  Our catering division and delivery will be at your order for all your desires and occasions and also we can provide you with a special packing for shipping.